Michael Stokes – Photography

Michael Stokes is a Los Angeles based Photographer, who manages to capture the best of the male form in his work.   Michael’s book: Masculinity features some of the hottest guys seen for a long time.  We thought we should share with you some samples of his work just to show how good he really is at photography.

Biography of Michael Stokes

Originally from Berkley, California.  Michael moved to LA in 1983 where he studied, swam on the Santa Monica College Swim team and then went on to pursue a position with Delta Airlines.   Michael graduated Cal State Long Beach with a BA in Fine art with an emphasis on film and photography.

Michael left his artistic talents behind for a while and moved into real estate but in 2005 he decided to leave a very successful career behind him and focus on his interest in photography.   Since his re-introduction to the art of photography Michael is well published across many magazines, clothing campaigns and in many photographic anthologies.  Michael still despite the amount of time spent on photography manges to compete as a United States Masters swimmer.