IATM Exclusive: Model Drew Gunn

Drew Gunn - Photo Exclusive - Its's About The Man

IATM Exclusive Model: Drew Gunn

Drew Gunn is a big country boy from a small town in Virginia. He drives a big jacked up truck and absolutely loves the outdoors. Fishing, hiking, kayaking and swimming are his favorite things. Drew is a certified scuba diver and enjoys any activity that calls him to the water, or to the woods. He is a great cook, skilled at shooting guns, using bows and all around game hunting. In his day job, Drew works as an equipment operator. But on weekends he is a male entertainer at a nearby club.

You could call him a real life “Magic Mike”. Aside from this interesting life he leads, Drew is very laid back, a down to earth kind of guy. He has an adventurous, spontaneous personality, really likes to try new things. But Drew takes his future seriously as seen in this beautiful series of photos, …captured masterfully, by Atlanta GA photographer Carl Proctor. Drew is proudly represented by Crew Models International.


Drew Gunn: Model Mayhem |  Management: Crew Models International | Photographer: Carl Proctor | Facebook: Carl Proctor